FACT CHECK: Congressmen Messer and Rokita, Rep. Braun have history of supporting deals and agreements that ship Hoosier jobs out of the U.S.


INDIANAPOLIS – Congressmen Messer and Rokita have routinely supported unfair trade policies that rig the playing field against American workers and make it easier for corporations to ship jobs out of the U.S. While historically defending free trade deals, both accepted money from corporations that outsource, including United Technologies. Congressman Messer even accepted these donations after Carrier, a subsidiary of United Technologies, announced it was outsourcing jobs from Indiana. 

Rep. Braun has a history of leniency on these companies as well, as one of the few members of either party who voted in the Indiana statehouse against a provision that would claw back tax incentives from Carrier after announcing their outsourcing plans. 


Congressman Messer has said he supports free trade, even going so far as to call it a “priority” for him. He also signed a letter promoting the expansion of trade and supporting an “ambitious free and fair trade agenda.”

Congressman Messer once said that the “No. 1 problem with China is we do not have a free trade agreement” with them.

Congressman Rokita once claimed that “trade is good for Indiana and America.” He also claimed responsibility for paving the way for international free trade agreements.

Congressman Messer accepted $1,000 from United Technologies PAC after the company had already announced it would lay off Hoosier workers and send their jobs to Mexico.

Congressman Rokita also accepted $3,000 from United Technologies PAC.

Congressmen Messer and Rokita and Rep. Braun all have histories of voting against legislation to end tax breaks and incentives for companies who ship jobs overseas.

Rep. Braun voted against an amendment which would have removed Indiana Economic Development Corporation funding from companies that ship jobs overseas, a direct response to Carrier announcing layoffs in Indiana.

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