FACT CHECK: Rep. Braun continues to ignore his reliance on Chinese labor, poor history of worker treatment in latest ad


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun’s latest ad once again distorts the truth about his business, hiding its troubled history of horrible worker treatment and ignoring the fact that his business is not “made in America” as he claims, but instead is built on making and selling cheap Chinese auto parts.

Rep. Braun’s new ad tries to put a positive spin on how Meyer Distributing treats its employees, but Rep. Braun’s company has an extensive and well documented history of poor worker treatment. That includes lawsuits and hundreds of violations that allege he fails to pay employees what they’ve earned and denies them breaks, according to reports from the Associated Press and the Journal Gazette. Rep. Braun’s business has also forced truckers to falsify logbooks and kept them on the road for dangerously long shifts, putting other drivers’ lives in danger.

In addition to his long rap sheet of workplace violations, the AP also exposed a blistering account of a Meyer employee who was fired and had his health insurance taken away while recovering from heart surgery because Meyer deemed him not healthy enough to work.

Rep. Braun also boasts in the ad that he grew his business in America. However, Rep. Braun received tax breaks from Hoosiers because he said he’d create jobs here in Indiana, then opted to make his auto parts in China, even as Indiana factories making the same parts shut down and Hoosier workers lost their jobs. His company supports over 10,000 foreign factory jobs in China and elsewhere who manufacture his line of auto parts.

“Hoosiers aren’t buying Rep. Braun’s repeated attempts to sell them the same old lies about his business. They know the truth: Rep. Braun has consistently underpaid and undervalued his employees while profiting off Chinese manufacturing at the expense of Hoosier workers,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “From his long history of terrible worker treatment to his heavy reliance on Chinese labor while Hoosiers making the same products lost their jobs, it’s clear that Hoosiers can’t trust Rep. Braun to tell the truth about his business and address its serious flaws.”

For a full fact check of the ad, click HERE.


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