FACT CHECK: When Young Says “Politicians Forget Who They Work For,” Who Is He Talking About?


Tonight, Congressman Todd Young claimed “politicians forget who they work for.” But his record suggests that he does.

– Will he remember the 1,400 workers at United Technologies’ Carrier facility, who were told in February that their jobs were being sent to Mexico? Because he took a campaign contribution from Carrier’s parent company after the layoffs were announced.

– Will he remember the more than 20,000 Hoosier workers who participated in the Trade Adjustment Assistance program since he was elected? Because he voted against and claimed to be philosophically opposed to the program that provided job training and assistance to workers whose jobs had been shipped overseas due to trade.

– Will he remember the 1,200 workers at Evansville’s Whirlpool plant whose jobs were sent to Mexico? Because just a month before, Young praised trade with Mexico.

– Will he remember the 765 auto workers at Marujun whose jobs were sent to Japan? Because just days before their layoffs were announced, Young, a “vocal supporter” of TPP Fast-Track, voted to approve Fast-Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

– Will he remember the 23,000 Hoosier workers who were furloughed during the 2013 government shutdown? Because while those Hoosiers—including defense workers and veterans—were either not working or working without pay, Young quietly took his paycheck for the shutdown.

– Will he remember Indiana’s more than 25,000 workers in the Ethanol industry? Because he co-sponsored a bill to repeal the subsidies supporting their jobs and voted multiple times to end the Renewable Fuel Standard.

– Will he remember Indiana’s 100,000 auto jobs? Because he wanted to let the industry go “belly up,” and called the rescue that saved these Hoosier jobs “a waste.”

– Will he remember Indiana’s college students? Because he wrote a plan that would explode their student debt by nearly $6,000.


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