FACT CHECK: Young’s Partisan Flip Flop On The Trans-Pacific Partnership


At tonight’s debate, Congressman Todd Young claimed that he does not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a blatant attempt to re-write his record. Young’s support for TPP has been consistent, emphatic, and only shifted once he found himself in a tough race for the Senate.

In October 2015, Congressman Young argued that “Free trade is a big win for Hoosier manufacturing and farming. TPP increases access to consumers for Indiana’s farmers and manufacturers.”

And at a House Ways and Means Committee Hearing in April 2015, Congressman Young said he hoped TPP “would be consummated” by the end of the year.

This April, Congressman Young told the Indiana Soybean Alliance that the TPP “would be a vital step in expanding market” to American farmers.

And in June of this year
, Congressman Young argued at an event in DC that, “our job as legislators and even as candidates is to go out there and continue to make the argument for things like free trade.” Watch his remarks here.


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