Fake Texting Campaign Apparently Launched By GOP to Deceive Central Indiana Voters


Chairman Schmuhl calls dirty trick “repulsive” and GOP’s denial “laughable at best.” 

INDIANAPOLIS — Texts sent from a group masquerading as the “Progressive Democrats of Indiana” are spreading false statements about Democrats regarding the terror attacks in Israel, attempting to deceive voters ahead of the November election.

On Thursday afternoon, voters in Central Indiana received a text pretending to be from the “Progressive Democrats of Indiana” promoting a rally in downtown Indianapolis. When the voter replied “STOP” to opt-out, the auto reply revealed the message was sent by the “Hamilton County Republican GOP”.

Whoever sent out this message is using desperate lies and smears to try and deceive voters. It’s shameful, it’s anti-Democratic, and it’s wrong.

“At a time when members of our community are in mourning and supporting friends and family members who are going to Israel to fight terrorists, these messages are spreading lies and dividing our county,” said Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair Dayna Colbert. “This deceitful text message campaign is just the latest example of how their only goal is to divide our community. Let’s elect real leaders to our communities this November, and reject these desperate and disgusting actions.”

“Taking advantage of a vicious terrorist attack with Americans being held hostage for a dirty political trick is repulsive,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. “Voters are sick and tired of petty politics that smear and divide our communities–and the GOP’s denial was laughable at best. The people of Carmel deserve leadership that is moral, ethical, and fair. 


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