Five questions Rep. Braun needs to answer at tonight’s Senate debate


INDIANAPOLIS – Whether it’s his false claims about his reliance on Chinese auto parts at the expense of Hoosier workers or his support for a nonexistent plan to protect Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions, Rep. Braun has spent the campaign “making it up” to suit his own narrative and self-serving goals.

But as he steps onto the debate stage tonight for the first time with fewer than 30 days remaining, Rep. Braun needs to start telling Hoosiers the truth about some of the biggest questions he’s created if he’s going to regain their trust before election day.

Five questions Rep. Braun needs to address tonight:

  1. Why did you say at an earlier debate that you don’t know where your company’s parts are made, and why did you say you had “no Chinese suppliers” when you rely on Chinese manufacturers and foreign suppliers at the expense of Hoosier workers?
  2. You have repeatedly said you have a health care plan that would keep costs down and cover pre-existing conditions, but no one has seen it (and it’s not your company’s plan, which doesn’t keep costs down). What is your plan?
  3. If you were elected and followed through on your claims that you’d implement your company’s health care plan nationwide, how would you suggest Hoosier families grapple with the $10,000 deductibles you mandate for your employees?
  4. What do you say to employees at your own company who call your health care plan “horrendous” and feel like it’s “not real insurance?”
  5. You and your campaign have been caught repeatedly lying to Hoosiers, about your own company, about the issues that matter, and about Joe Donnelly’s record. Why should voters trust you?


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