Flashback Friday: Todd Young’s Homestead Headache


CNN HEADLINE: “Tax-writing congressman violated tax law”

INDIANAPOLIS – While Congressman Todd Young has recently come under fire for his misuse of taxpayer funds on political mailers, reneging on his pledge to refuse his government shutdown pay, and taking nearly$100,000 in prohibited campaign funds, he has a long of history of acting like the rules don’t apply to him.

At few points did this become clearer than back in 2014, when Congressman Todd Young, a member of Washington’s tax-writing committee, was exposed for trying to take advantage of Indiana tax law to benefit his own income.

As an investigation by CNN laid out, Rep. Young deducted $218,075 on his tax return for a home in Bloomington he claimed was his primary residence, saving himself nearly $5,000. But as it turned out, Congressman Young wasn’t living in the home—he was renting it. And making the matter even worse, the Monroe County Treasurer gave Congressman Young an opportunity to remove the exemption from his tax returns in 2012—but he declined. As the treasurer said:

It’s homestead fraud. He knew the state law,” the Democratic treasurer said. “A man that makes (a salary) from tax money should be held accountable for his own taxes.”

Congressman Young has also had to pay penalties for having late payments on property taxes. When Young finally did pay back taxes, his check bounced, which “created serious complications” for the Monroe County’s office, according to the treasurer.

“Congressman Todd Young has frequently acted like the rules don’t apply to him. Even as a member of Washington’s tax-writing committee, Congressman Young violated Indiana tax law to save himself thousands of dollars,” said John Zody, Chairman of the IDP. “This is just one example of Congressman Young’s long record of putting himself first and ignoring what’s best for Hoosiers. Whether he’s being disingenuous about what he does with his taxpayer-funded government shutdown paycheck, or spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to promote his political career, Todd Young is only looking out for himself and what serves his self-serving agenda.”


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