Frank Mrvan, American Rescue Plan Provides $25 Million for Sewer Service Expansion in Crown Point


NWI Times: Seven Center Township subdivisions selected for septic to sewer improvements

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated how President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan is creating a brighter future for Hoosiers in Lake County. Thanks to Democrats like Frank Mrvan, Crown Point is set to enter an agreement putting $25 million of its Rescue Plan funding towards improving and expanding sewer service to 350+ homes across the community. This investment is one of many sewer improvements made in Lake County since the American Rescue Plan was signed into law. Mrvan and Democrats are why Northwest Indiana will be transformed for the years to come.

In contrast, the Indiana Republican Party said “NO” to this brighter future. Politicians like  Jennifer-Ruth Green opposed the American Rescue Plan’s investments in Indiana’s First Congressional District. In fact, Green has often described these transformative investments in areas like Crown Point as “failed economic policies”. U.S. Senator Todd Young also voted “NO” on these investments, and in fact, Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer called this project “socialism” – claiming this opposition was a “great campaign to run on”.

Democrats will highlight how Jennifer-Ruth Green and the rest of the Indiana GOP have no plans for Indiana’s future – just national partisanship.

NWI Times: Seven Center Township subdivisions selected for septic to sewer improvements

The Lake County Commissioners and the city of Crown Point appear to have reached a tentative agreement in principle to extend sanitary sewer service to 359 homes in seven unincorporated subdivisions located near the Hub City.

The preliminary plan calls for the county to spend approximately $25 million of its $94 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds to construct the sewer improvements and connect the homes to the Crown Point water treatment system.

The subdivisions due to be connected, at the recommendation of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, are: Oakwood Hills, West Long, Oak Heights, Lawndale, Sleepy Hollow, Greenhill Ranches Annex 2 and West Point Acres, according to the plan.

Letters exchanged between the county commissioners and Crown Point Mayor David Uran, and obtained by The Times, show agreement on the county’s goal of improving water quality, reducing pollution and preventing potential illness by extending sewer service to homes currently served by septic tanks.

In his letter to the commissioners, Uran says the construction of a new water treatment plant “is paramount to Crown Point’s ability to allow for the connection to the current treatment plant by the users in unincorporated Lake County/Center Township.”

“Without the capacity relief to the current treatment plant by way of the construction of the south side water treatment plant it would not be feasible for Crown Point to receive flows from the additional connections provided from unincorporated Lake County/Center Township,” Uran said.

Separately, the commissioners plan to spend the county’s remaining ARPA funds to begin the process of similarly extending sewer service to homes and businesses in unincorporated Calumet Township, between Griffith and Gary.


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