GOP prosecutor on death of 1-year old: DCS “failed miserably”


Family member sues, alleging DCS “cover-up”

INDIANAPOLIS – The Republican Prosecutor of Madison County took aim at the embattled Department of Child Services, blaming the agency, in part, for the death of a 1-year-old in February.

From WTTV CBS4 Court documents detail Anderson baby’s abuse, fatal injuries

“He said he’s frustrated with the way DCS has handled cases of suspected abuse in Madison County where a child has later died.

“The people who were responsible for protecting this child not only the adults, but the institutions failed miserably,” Cummings said. “Children keep dying. This needs to stop.”

“Cummings said he would like to see policy changes from institutions to prevent deaths like Harlan’s from happening.”

The 1-year-old, who succumb to his injuries two days after being admitted, had previously been brought to the hospital for injuries in December, according to family. Prosecutor Cummings alleges the Department of Child Services failed to follow-up.

A family member of the child is now suing the Department, accusing the embattled agency of a cover-up. It’s not clear whether either the agency, or the governor’s office, has officially responded to any element of the story.

FROM WRTV6 Anderson toddler’s uncle claims DCS failed his nephew and they’re covering up info about his death

“The uncle of an 18-month-old Anderson boy who died under suspicious circumstances has filed a legal claim against the Indiana Department of Child Services, saying they failed his nephew and they’re trying to cover up information that could relate to his death.”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody questioned Governor Holcomb’s silence in the wake of a spiraling crisis.

“The parents failed this child. DCS failed this child. Governor Holcomb failed this child,” said Zody. “We were warned. We were told the Holcomb administration’s policies would all but ensure children will die. The governor refused to listen. Is he listening now?”


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