Gov. Holcomb and LG Crouch Buck INGOP, Praise American Rescue Plan’s READI and Broadband Investments


Holcomb Administration’s celebration of the Rescue Plan is in direct opposition to the INGOP who refer to it as “socialism” 

ICYMI: INGOP to Call Broadband, Roads and Bridges, Clean Water “Socialism” for 2022 and 2024 Elections 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today praised Governor Eric Holcomb and Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch for doing something he nor the Indiana Republican Party have done since the start of 2021: Praise the American Rescue Plan and the transformative investments it’s bringing to Hoosiers in every community across the state. Holcomb’s praise of the Rescue Plan came during his 2022 Legislative Agenda announcement yesterday where he elaborated on how accomplishments by President Joe Biden and Indiana Democrats are “anchoring” the state’s future economic success. 

Holcomb and Crouch’s support of the American Rescue Plan is in direct opposition to INGOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer and Congressional Republicans who voted “NO” on the law and refer to these investments as “socialism”. Indiana Republicans will try to use this partisanship this fall on the campaign trail, but Democrats will be happy to remind Hoosiers that their Governor and Lieutenant Governor both support President Biden’s economica agenda. 

Here’s what the Governor said about how the Rescue Plan fully-funded the READI program: 

We’ll also – another thing that creeps into the conversation – as we get out and about is that there’s a lot of excitement about the first round, I say first round of the READI program. The General Assembly appropriated $500 million. The local leaders saw that and said we could raise ya another $500 million. So we’re looking at this as the first phase of the READI program. But we’ll be rolling those out…We’ve got a year to be really hitting the ground running fast so that we can come back in 2023 and make the informed case that there is more to be done.”

And here’s how the Lieutenant Governor described the Rescue Plan’s $250 million worth of broadband investments

“The General Assembly passed legislation this past session. They also appropriated an additional $250 million to expand broadband…”


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