Gov. Holcomb and the Indiana GOP’s Ongoing Corruption Continues With Another BMV Scandal


Indy Star: “Despite the well-documented history, Lacy was never suspended or terminated. Rather, Gov. Eric Holcomb allowed him to resign after the latest indiscretion, ensuring any disciplinary issues or complaints in Lacy’s personnel file remain sealed from the public.” 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out the Indiana Republican Party for its never ending corruption during their 18-year tenure of control of the state government. Yesterday, a new IndyStar report revealed Governor Eric Holcomb was aware megadonor Peter Lacy – the former Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) chief – had created a toxic work environment at the state agency, which included extreme sexual harassment on female employees. Holcomb refused to fire Lacy due to his family’s history of donating large sums of money to the Indiana GOP and its candidates.

The news continued the Indiana GOP’s long-pattern of corruption within the Hoosier State. This includes:

NOTE: All of these scandals have been discovered within the last year. 

While the Indiana Republicans’ plans for the state only include corruption and partisanship, Indiana Democrats are focused on creating a better future for Hoosier families. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act, Democrats are fixing the Indiana GOP’s F-rated workforce by creating good-paying jobs across the state. These jobs are set to expand broadband internet access, repair roads and bridges, and clean up the state’s water instructure. Democrats also delivered a pay raise for teachers and funded schools at levels not seen since 2008. Democrats are solving the kitchen-table issues most important to voters. 

As for the Indiana GOP: no plans – just bold corruption, sexual harassment, and partisanship. 

SHOT: Eric Holcomb Claimed  ‘Being Transparent’ as His Key to Success 

GOVERNING: “Working with Mitch Daniels, I learned the importance of the basics — having a plan, sharing it, being transparent about it and building coalitions.”

CHASER: The Indiana Republican Party – the Party of Corruption

Indy Star: Drinking, crass sexual comments, fits of rage: Why didn’t governor rein in BMV chief?

The problems persisted for years, even though the governor’s office knew of concerns about Lacy’s drinking and employees said they reported his anger issues and vulgar comments.

Despite the well-documented history, Lacy was never suspended or terminated. Rather, Gov. Eric Holcomb allowed him to resign after the latest indiscretion, ensuring any disciplinary issues or complaints in Lacy’s personnel file remain sealed from the public. 

CBS 4: Records show the Indiana BMV has been selling people’s personal information

CBS4 dug through public records and found the agency has made $133 million off the practice since 2011. We know $43 million came since 2018. After a records request, the BMV revealed it has made $90 million from 2011-2017.

Indiana is reportedly one of 35 states that allow its motor vehicle departments to sell personal data. While a federal law – the Driver’s Privacy Protection Law – was passed in the 1990s restricting how much information state agencies could disclose, the law has certain exceptions. It allows Indiana’s BMV to offer “enhanced access” to attorneys, auto dealers, bail bondsmen, debt collection companies, insurance agents, insurance companies, mobile home parks, private investigators, recovery agents, school corporations, security guards, sheriff and police departments and tow companies.

WISH-TV: Governor, DWD commissioner dodge questions about Indiana unemployment backlog

13News asked Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb to respond to the investigation and to explain how his administration would tackle the backlog. Appearing at his weekly virtual press conference from his home, where the governor has been in quarantine after some of his security staff tested positive for COVID-19, Holcomb appeared to expect the questions but chose not to answer them.

Again, neither the DWD commissioner nor the governor provided details on what the state will do to decrease its growing backlog of pending unemployment cases. DWD’s backlog and long wait time to approve thousands of pending claims have resulted in Hoosiers facing bankruptcy, eviction and health problems due to a lack of food and medical care.

Indy Star: ‘I plead guilty’: Former Indiana GOP Sen. Brent Waltz admits role in straw donor scheme

“Prosecutors say the illegal campaign contributions were fueled with cash from one of Indiana’s largest casino operators, Centaur Gaming. To hide the true source of the contributions, the money was funneled through a Maryland political consultant under a sham consulting agreement. The consultant and Waltz then used that money to reimburse more than a dozen ‘straw donors’ who contributed to Waltz’s campaign for U.S. House, according to prosecutors.”

Daily Beast: Embattled GOP Senator Says a Staffer Messed Up His Campaign Reports and Vanished. We Found Him in Minutes.

On Wednesday morning, the Federal Election Commission released its audit of Braun’s campaign committee, alleging a litany of serious financial reporting errors, as well as millions of dollars in allegedly improper loans Braun used to finance his 2018 bid—including $1.5 million routed from the candidate’s former company.

The auditors found that Braun’s reports show more than $8.5 million in “apparent prohibited loans” to his 2018 campaign. That includes $7 million in direct loans and lines of credit—with no collateral—“that did not appear to be made in the ordinary course of business.” The FEC also “identified two checks from one corporation totaling $1,500,000 that were reported as loans.”

Those checks came from Meyer Distributing, which Braun founded, and where he served as CEO. The auditors say that fact makes them corporate contributions, which are illegal. The campaign reported them three different ways: first as “compensation” to Braun, then as redeemed stock, and finally as loans.

WSBT: Update: Pulaski County Councilman faces perjury, theft, and voter fraud charges

Winamac, Ind. — A Pulaski County councilman faces perjury, theft, and voter fraud charges. Brian Young, who represents District 3 has been voting under his parent’s address since 2016. But the fact is, he lives on the other side of Winamac in district 1. Brian Young registered, voted, and represented an area of Pulaski County as a councilman using an address that wasn’t his.

Councilman Brian Young is charged with two counts, voting outside his precinct and registering using his parent’s address. Young represents District 3 in Pulaski County when he should represent and vote in District 1.

“He ran under his parents address, the parents live in the northern part of the county and he lives in the southern part of our county which was a different district at that point,” said Sgt. Fred Rogers Pulaski County Sheriff department.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Outgoing chairman’s campaign finance report raises questions

“[Tim Brown’s] last report had three expenditures – he sent $12,000 to the House Republican Campaign Committee; paid $3,110 to his wife for reimbursement of a staff dinner and $29,995.66 to himself.

“This is very problematic,” said Andrew Downs, head of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Purdue Fort Wayne. “He has put himself in a precarious position over an accounting issue.”


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