Gov. Holcomb Doesn’t Value Indiana’s Teachers, Refuses to Prioritize Educators for COVID-19 Vaccines


ISTA, teacher unions in Allen, Hamilton, and Tippecanoe Counties all have called on Gov. Holcomb to protect teachers from the coronavirus

ICYMI: Holcomb fails to deliver on campaign promise to give teachers a pay raise

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today shamed Governor Eric Holcomb for once again dismissing Indiana’s school teachers who have begged for access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Holcomb was asked multiple times to explain why Indiana still refused to abide by Centers of Disease Control (CDC) recommendations on the issue, and the governor still did not produce a legitimate answer. All four of Indiana’s neighboring states have prioritized teachers for COVID-19 vaccines. 

Let’s be clear: the Governor could ensure teachers have access to vaccines. He’s just choosing not to. 

Here is Holcomb’s defensive answer on whether he valued teachers during yesterday’s weekly press conference: 

“Well, I disagree with your premise, or their premise that I don’t value them. In fact, I talk to teachers as well who have expressed their appreciation that we’re taking care of, as they would put it, grandmother or grandfather or father or mother, and that they’re OK. And that they’re OK with the approach of making sure that we’re focused on the most at-risk population of dying or going to the hospital — and potentially dying. And so, it’s not a question of whether I valued them. I value every single life in this state, and regardless of your profession, and obviously, I just couldn’t disagree with that more. So, we’re continue to focus on the most at risk.” 

This isn’t the first time Governor Holcomb ignored the concerns from Indiana’s public school teachers. The Governor used the power of the State of the State Address in 2020 to promise teachers a much-needed and much-deserved pay raise. But, after winning his reelection, Holcomb thanked educators by eliminating the campaign promise from his 2021 budget recommendations. And let’s not forget as thousands of educators held a Red for Ed protest in November 2019, Holcomb was vacationing with Republicans in Florida

WHY IT MATTERS: Governor Holcomb’s consistent dismissal towards Indiana’s public education system couldn’t be more evident, and it’s bound to wreak havoc on the future of the Indiana Republican Party. Between breaking campaign promises and putting educators’ health at risk, the INGOP is severing the trust voters place in them to protect the future of the state’s public schools. 


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