Gov. Holcomb “Good” With Indiana Reaching Highest COVID Levels Since Winter 2021


Holcomb on COVID-19: “I’m good with where we are from a state perspective”

WIBC: “1,956 Hoosiers are hospitalized with #coronavirus, 99 more than yesterday and the most since Jan 26” 

Indiana Public Media: Indiana Hospitals Brace For ‘Impending Doom’ Of Nurse Shortage

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized Governor Eric Holcomb for ignoring the “facts on the ground” about the latest COVID-19 surge to impact Hoosier families across Indiana. Yesterday, Holcomb claimed he was “good with where we are” with Indiana’s battle against COVID-19, despite cases and hospitalizations reaching levels not seen since the winter of 2020-2021. Holcomb’s display of blissful ignorance continues a longstanding pattern of the governor placating to the Indiana Republican Party’s extreme partisanship on COVID-19 rather than protecting families from a virus that’s taken the lives of more than 13,800 Hoosiers since the start of the pandemic.

What’s worse, Eric Holcomb has refused to hold a COVID-19 briefing since discontinuing his weekly press conference last spring. The move wreaks of partisanship and it’s putting the well-being of Hoosiers across the state – especially unvaccinated individuals – in jeopardy. The data doesn’t lie, and as Holcomb once put it, Indiana is “on fire” with the latest wave of COVID-19 cases. 

In contrast, Indiana Democrats have done everything possible to help Hoosier families put the pandemic in the rearview mirror. U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan helped pass the American Rescue Plan, which delivered vaccines in arms and relief for both families and cities and towns across Indiana. Democrats delivered for Hoosiers despite universal opposition from Indiana Republicans, and it looks like the INGOP’s extreme partisanship will continue to create dangerous environments across the state. 

SHOT: Eric Holcomb claims Indiana is “good” with its battle against COVID-19

“I’m good with where we are from a state perspective” – Gov. Eric Holcomb, 8.24.2021

CHASER: COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Indiana reach levels not seen since winter 2020-2021

“There are currently 1,956 people in the hospital for #COVID19 in #Indiana, and this number is rising fast. The only time there have been MORE hospitalized than this were during these highlighted days in the Nov-Jan wave last year.” – Micah Pollak, economist at Indiana University Northwest

“1,956 Hoosiers are hospitalized with #coronavirus, 99 more than yesterday and the most since Jan 26. Of those, 502 are in intensive care, 21 more than yesterday. It’s the most, and first time over 500, since Jan 21.” – Eric Berman, WIBC 

LIME: Eric Holcomb promised Hoosiers he’d use the “facts on the ground” to fight COVID-19

“We’re remarkably prepared and you’re seeing that play out right now in our coordination. Again, this is all about staying informed to the facts on the ground as they change and they will continue to change. We plan to, through the state department of health, continue to put out up to date information on a daily basis.” – Eric Holcomb, 3.10.2020


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