Gov. Holcomb Loses Control of INGOP, Fails to Hold Them Accountable


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today felt sorry for Governor Eric Holcomb for his clear inability to hold the greater Indiana Republican Party accountable for endorsing fringe and dangerous political rhetoric. In fact, the agenda is nothing but abusive and at times is the direct opposite of the “local control, small government” branding the INGOP has used for decades. 

But this is the Indiana Republican Party. They would rather abide by the demands of Republicans and conservative think tanks in Washington, D.C. than actually listen to the needs of Hoosier families. This very reason is why there’s a civil war with the INGOP, and it’s why Republicans continue to erode trust voters placed in them at the ballot box. 

Here’s just more evidence that Governor Holcomb is already irrelevant in the eyes of his own Party: 

Holcomb veto on tenant-landlord protections is overridden by abusive INGOP supermajority

“Indiana House just voted 67-32 to override the governor’s veto on the landlord-tenant bill. The Senate has already done the same, so the bill becomes law.” – Indianapolis Business Journal 

Holcomb complains about the INGOP supermajority voting to curtail his executive powers 

“Holcomb says he has concerns that the House/Senate executive powers bills are unconstitutional. A lot of time left.” – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 

Holcomb refuses to comment on Attorney General Todd Rokita’s conflict of interest by staying on as advisor for Apex Benefits 

“.@GovHolcomb on @AGToddRokita’s private sector employment: “I trust the attorney general will follow the letter of the law.” – Importantville 


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