Gov. Holcomb Shows Weakness, No Leadership with Failure to Hold Anti-Mask Hoosiers Accountable at Statehouse


Holcomb compares protecting the health and safety of Hoosiers to being a high school “hall monitor

Governor won’t take Hoosiers who refuse to follow science and truth to task because the offenders are supporters of the Indiana Republican Party

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today expressed deep disappointment in Governor Eric Holcomb for his inability to hold Hoosiers who refused to wear a mask at the Indiana Statehouse accountable, putting the health and safety of others at risk. In fact, the Governor compared protecting the lives of Hoosiers with being a high school “hall monitor”…during a press conference about a pandemic that has killed more than 10,000 Hoosiers.

WATCH: Governor Holcomb compares holding his constituents accountable to being a high school “hall monitor” 

Let’s be clear: The Hoosiers visiting the General Assembly yesterday were anti-maskers and were against the COVID-19 vaccine itself. These constituents, who deny science and the truth, too often are supporters of the Indiana Republican Party

WHY IT MATTERS: Gov. Holcomb puts his Party’s politics before science and truth. The biggest example is the Governor’s response to the pandemic. Holcomb’s “have it both ways” approach is not just putting lives at risk, it’s breaking fundamental trust with voters. The result: Governor Holcomb is one very weak executive. 

Hoosiers have come to expect this from their Republican governor, because he’s time and again put his political party’s interests ahead of common sense. Last year alone, Governor Holcomb failed to implement a legitimate mask mandate, and he prematurely reopened the state despite private warnings from Trump White House officials — all due to fringe politics. 


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