Governor Holcomb Absent During Indiana’s “Darkest Time” of COVID-19 Pandemic


Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Indiana’s exasperated state health commissioner on Friday called out schools and other officials for not following evidence-based recommendations amid a COVID-19 surge”

Monday marks 153 days since Eric Holcomb held a briefing on the state of COVID-19 

ICYMI: ‘Indiana is on fire’ with COVID-19 and we’re just watching it burn

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out Governor Eric Holcomb for his consistent failure to hold a COVID-19 briefing as the state reaches what Holcomb’s own state health commissioner described as Indiana’s “darkest time” of the coronavirus pandemic. For 153 days, the Governor has refused to provide Hoosier families an update on how Indiana is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and now cases and hospitalizations are reaching levels not seen since last winter. What’s worse, Dr. Kristina Box predicted that “things are going to get much worse” for Indiana, which is why Hoosiers should know how the state’s CEO will help their families safely get through the pandemic. 

Indiana Democrats have these questions for Governor Holcomb: Why did he stop using the “facts on the ground” to help guide Indiana out of the pandemic? If he supports school districts issuing mask mandates in their classrooms, why won’t Holcomb encourage this policy for Indiana’s 92 counties? Why is Holcomb letting the INGOP Statehouse supermajorities determine how he fights the coronavirus? Why does it look like he’s given up on COVID-19? 

It’s been 153 days since Governor Eric Holcomb held a statewide COVID-19 press briefing

As Governor Holcomb once put it, Indiana is “on fire” and here’s what Hoosiers learned this weekend as the governor remains missing from his post: 

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Indiana’s exasperated state health commissioner on Friday called out schools and other officials for not following evidence-based recommendations amid a COVID-19 surge that is now hitting children.

“This is the darkest time in the pandemic,” Dr. Kris Box said during a news briefing. She said she expects the next four to six weeks to get even worse if Hoosiers choose not to get vaccinated and not wear masks indoors.” […]

“Box cautioned that pediatric cases and hospitalizations are skyrocketing.

“’To anyone who argues that COVID-19 does not impact children, I can assure you that every parent with a hospitalized child would disagree,’ she said.

Four emergency districts in the state are over capacity on intensive care beds, including northeast Indiana. She said people are waiting for hours or can’t get into emergency rooms that are inundated with COVID-19 cases. And Hoosiers are having elective procedures postponed – from cancer biopsies to hip and knee replacements.” […]

Indianapolis Business Journal: Indiana health officials: ‘Things are going to get much worse’

“The two pleaded with people who have not yet been vaccinated to make an appointment to do so, and asked everyone to practice safe hygiene by wearing face masks, which cuts down on the virus’ transmission.

Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 rose from 2,108 on Wednesday to 2,186 on Thursday, the largest number since Jan. 23, when 2,188 people were hospitalized with the virus, the state health department reported. More than a quarter (26%) of Indiana’s intensive care unit beds are occupied by COVID patients.”

Indiana Public Media: “Box says she’s not sure what the state can do at this point to get people to follow COVID recommendations”

Indiana Public Media: “Dr. Box is expressing what I would call frustration with public officials saying no one should quarantine when close contact. “That is not an appropriate or science-based process.”

Terre Haute Tribune-Star: Union Hospital again putting tent outside ER

95.3 MNC: Indiana’s top doctors frustrated about the state’s COVID-19 vaccination rate

IndyStar: “Nearly 2,200 Hoosiers are hospitalized, which is the highest number reached since January. As a result, hospitals are struggling with staffing and capacity issues.” […]

“With the statistics of this surge and the more infectious delta variant, Box noted that this is not good news for Hoosiers. “I’ve heard other medical professionals around the country state that this is the darkest time in the pandemic,” Box said. “Unfortunately, I share those sentiments.””

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