Governor Holcomb’s Office Will Update Their Analysis For New Bill, But Will They Share It?


INDIANAPOLIS – Governor Eric Holcomb’s office is presumably updating their analysis of the latest Republican health care bill’s impact on Indiana, while Hoosiers this afternoon wonder about its effects on them, but that doesn’t mean he’s interested in showing it to them in a timely fashion.

The Senate Republican Caucus today released an updated version of its health care overhaul, with an eye towards winning over holdouts on the far-right wing of the party. The newer bill has much in common with an earlier rendition that failed to make it to the Senate floor, including provisions that would gut HIP 2.0 and sharply increase premiums for seniors. It also contains provisions that would allow insurance providers to sell deregulated insurance plans with significantly reduced coverage.

Analyses of the latest bill’s nationwide impact are expected from the Congressional Budget Office and Governor Holcomb is likely already evaluating the latest version’s impact on Indiana. In a quote from the Journal Gazette, Governor Holcomb stated, “As it [federal health care legislation] evolves, we will continue to evaluate its effects on Hoosier families and businesses.” WFYI also reported Governor Holcomb had assured Hoosiers that as the Senate approached a vote, he’d make the analysis public.

“Governor Holcomb publicly committed to sharing his administration’s analysis of these bills with Hoosiers. With the newest version released and a Senate vote closer than ever, it’s time for the governor to make good on his promise,” said Will Baskin-Gerwitz, Indiana Democratic Party Senior Media Strategist. “Will the governor go back on his word if his analysis shows the fallout from Republicans’ bill is worse than expected? Hoosiers deserve to know what the Republican health care overhaul means for our state, no matter how bad the numbers. They deserve transparent leadership.”


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