Greatest spectacle in governing: IN GOP set to drop the flags on special session demolition derby


With GOP driving special session priorities, working Hoosiers finish last

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s May in Indiana and that means one thi…special session? Statehouse Republicans’ incompetent leadership put the 2018 regular session into the wall on the final lap and now lawmakers are back and billing Hoosier taxpayers $30,000/day to finish a job they failed to do right. It’s been 30 years since the party that controls the governor’s mansion and both chambers “steered” their way into a special session. Republicans’ incompetent leadership got us here, but who benefits from it? Simple. Not working Hoosiers.

From Indy Star A special session for special interests?

“Now, legislative leaders say those tax bills are among the handful of “critical” unresolved issues that justify returning to the Statehouse for a special session in May. …

“The 11th-hour changes to the lengthy tax bills — one was 119 pages — would benefit some of the state’s most powerful and politically connected corporations, raising a perturbing question: Are taxpayers paying for a special session for special interests?”

Yes. Hoosiers are feeling the rising cost of living in their wallets more than ever. With a golden opportunity to go to work for working Hoosiers, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody isn’t surprised Governor Holcomb and Indiana Republicans aren’t focused on regular folks.

“Let’s call this what it is: a special session for special interests,” said Zody. “If working Hoosiers didn’t finish their job on time and on budget, they’d be handed a pink slip. Statehouse Republicans are so out of touch, they simply chose to stick Hoosier taxpayers with the $30,000/day bill for their incompetence.”


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