Halftime Score for 2022 Session: Indiana GOP Becomes the Culture War Party


From discrediting COVID-19 vaccine to politicizing classrooms, INGOP puts national culture wars ahead of Indiana’s future

INDems deliver while the Indiana GOP divides

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today proclaimed the Indiana Republican Party the Culture War Party as the 2022 legislative session reaches its halfway point. Since the start of the year, the Indiana GOP has pushed an agenda that would further discredit the COVID-19 vaccine, politicize classrooms, restrict a Hoosier’s ability to vote, attack innocent minors for playing the sports they love, and hand firearms to bad actors. In fact, the INGOP cares more about fulfilling a national political agenda rather than delivering the kitchen-table issues important to voters. 

In fact, the Indiana GOP’s culture war agenda has opposition from the state’s most influential communities – including the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, and the Indiana State Teachers Association

Since the start of the Biden Administration, leaders like André Carson and Frank J. Mrvan have delivered for Hoosier families by passing legislations like the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act. Because of this economic agenda, Hoosiers are seeing more jobs, regional economic investments (READI), well-funded public schools, a pay raise for educators, and a revitalized infrastructure system. 

Hoosier Democrats are delivering when it matters most while the Indiana GOP’s culture wars are dividing communities across the state. 

Here’s a look at the culture wars the Indiana Republican Party has prioritized during this year’s legislative session: 

House Bill 1001: Discredit the COVID-19 vaccine

Fox59: Indiana vaccine exemption bill heads to Senate after advancing through House

NOTE: Indiana Chamber of Commerce opposes 1001

House Bill 1134/Senate Bill 167: Politicize classrooms

WTHR: Controversial education bill passes Indiana House, moves to Senate

NOTE: Indiana State Teachers Association and Indiana Black Expo oppose 1134 

House Bill 1041: Bully innocent minors

IndyStar: Indiana House votes to ban transgender girls from playing girls sports

NOTE: NCAA, IHSAA have policies for transgender athletes

House Bill 1077: Hand firearms to bad actors

WFYI: Indiana House approves bill eliminating need for license to carry handgun in public

NOTE: Indiana State Police opposes 1077. 

House Bill 1116: Restrict access to vote

WFYI: Indiana House Republicans vote to further restrict mail-in voting


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