Hill ponders tapping tax dollars for defense, do Bray and Bosma abide?


INDIANAPOLIS – In a report released Tuesday, the Indianapolis Star detailed a plan by embattled Attorney General Curtis Hill to put Hoosier taxpayers on the hook for legal costs incurred defending himself against sexual harassment claims. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody questioned whether Republican leaders in the General Assembly stood by Hill’s plan to utilize taxpayer dollars to fund a defense against groping allegations.

“Attorney General Hill thinks Hoosier taxpayers should cover his $550/hour legal fees, do Speaker Bosma and President Bray?” said Zody.

Zody pointed to a growing pattern of arrogance and cronyism at the Republican-led Statehouse and questioned whether, after nearly 10 years in complete control, Indiana Republicans had lost touch.

“Hoosiers don’t pay taxes just to see them diverted toward schemes to protect politicians,” said Zody. “Statehouse Republicans control the purse strings, if they had any backbone, they’d make it clear Hill’s $550/hour arrangement wouldn’t be worth the paper it was written on. Without comment, Bosma and Bray’s silence sure looks like an endorsement.”


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