History Proves Eric Holcomb is For Lawsuit against Local LGBT Ordinances


INDIANAPOLIS – As some of Eric Holcomb’s closest allies pursue lawsuits to overturn local ordinances banning discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers, where does Eric Holcomb stand?  Look no further than his long history of discriminatory actions against the LGBT community.

But this should make sense for Hoosiers as Eric Holcomb has said Mike Pence “struck the right tone” when it comes to LGBT rights. And earlier this month, Holcomb said he is “quite proud” of Mike Pence’s record as governor – as they are of “one mind” when it comes to the issues facing Indiana.

“Indiana’s economy and national reputation have been hurt by the ideological agenda of the Mike Pence-Eric Holcomb team. While their agenda has driven companies and young talent away from Indiana, cities like Indianapolis, Zionsville, and Carmel have helped to stem the tide by passing local laws outlawing discrimination. In fact, those very laws are credited with helping to retain and attract businesses like Salesforce,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “If Eric Holcomb wants to be the CEO of Indiana, he must drop his out-of-touch, divisive agenda against LGBT Hoosiers and join John Gregg in working to end discrimination for everyone.”

John Gregg, however, understands that it’s time to repair the damage Mike Pence, Eric Holcomb, and Statehouse Republicans have caused the state. An opponent of RFRA, Gregg announced his economic proposal earlier this year which included passing a nondiscrimination law for LGBT Hoosiers and restoring the state’s welcoming reputation. Simply put, Gregg’s plan will solve today’s problems caused by the governor while also leading Indiana into the future.

Holcomb’s vision for LGBT Hoosiers? It’s a Mike Pence redux and will keep Indiana in the mess Hoosiers have been urging to leave behind.


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