Holcomb 2nd least known governor in the country


INDIANAPOLIS – Nearly three years into Eric Holcomb’s term, Hoosiers still don’t know who their governor is, according to new polling data from Morning Consult. More than a quarter of those polled have never heard of Eric Holcomb, the second highest rate in the country for a sitting governor. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody attributed Holcomb’s middling poll numbers to his do-nothing approach.

“With legislative supermajorities and in a state the President won by 19 points, Eric Holcomb appears content to just keep the seat warm,” said Zody. “Governors act to meet the challenges facing middle-class Hoosiers, Holcomb’s most notable achievement is setting the record for most international junkets. Jet-setting around the globe might be good for Holcomb’s name ID in Mumbai or Vienna, but it clearly isn’t moving the needle here.”

Hoosiers viewed Holcomb most favorably on day one of his administration. Since then, he’s seen his job approval fall to around or below 50 percent for the duration of his term. Holcomb lags other GOP governors elected in 2016. Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH) and Phil Scott (R-VT) have approval ratings in the low to mid-60’s. Zody believed Holcomb’s bland agenda and backseat mentality contributed to his mediocre numbers and feared his shoot-from-the-hip mentality will leave Hoosiers vulnerable in a tightening economy.

“Indiana is bleeding manufacturing jobs at the fourth fastest clip in the nation and it’s not clear Holcomb has a plan to navigate choppier economic waters,” said Zody. “Hoosiers want leaders with a vision and who fight to enact it. Low name ID and mediocre approval ratings are a symptom of a governor who refuses to think big. Holcomb has failed to address the skyrocketing cost of health care or raise teachers’ pay. Heading into his reelect, Holcomb’s list of accomplishments is as unidentifiable as the governor himself.”


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