Holcomb called for civility. Will he call out President Trump?


INDIANAPOLIS – In late 2017, Governor Eric Holcomb took to the stage before a packed house of Boy Scouts and called for civility in politics.

From the Times of Northwest Indiana Gov. Holcomb pledges civility will guide all his administration does

“Gov. Eric Holcomb has declared that he’s committed to leading Indiana with civility, and believes all Hoosiers similarly should practice civility in their professional and personal lives.

“…the Republican said incidents of incivility, poor character and lackluster leadership are all too prevalent these days — particularly in politics. “There’s too much shouting, not enough listening. Too much finger-pointing and tearing down, not enough finding common cause and working toward common solutions,” Holcomb said.

“This ‘my way or the highway, take-no-prisoners’ approach is both dangerous and counterproductive. It prevents us from making progress on the many real issues we need to tackle — whether as a state or a country.”

“Civility doesn’t mean we put all our differences aside,” he said. “But it demands that we listen to and respect people, their ideas and different points of view other than our own.”

Now, ahead of his own re-election and viewing President Trump as a critical ally in that effort, Holcomb is keeping mum over Trump’s racist Twitter tirade. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on Holcomb to honor his own word and call out the President’s incivility or risk looking like a hypocrite.

“Eric Holcomb called on us to listen and respect people, will he call on the President to do the same?” said Zody. “Principles shouldn’t be dependent on polling data or re-election campaigns. Holcomb needs to stand up to the President and denounce his hateful words. Anything less makes Holcomb look spineless.”

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