Holcomb Claims to Value Teachers, But Receipts Say He Doesn’t


Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Holcomb says he wants teachers vaccinated as soon as we get the doses…” 

WSBT: Despite guidelines from the CDC, Indiana still not prioritizing teachers for vaccine

Quinnipiac Poll: “Americans say 76 – 18 percent that teachers in all states should be given priority for getting a COVID-19 vaccine.”

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today slammed Governor Eric Holcomb for not being up front with Hoosiers about his record and so-called support for Indiana’s educators. During yesterday’s weekly COVID-19 press conference, Holcomb claimed he wants teachers to have access to a vaccine. However, each of Indiana’s neighboring states seem to have learned how to walk and chew gum at the same time, allowing seniors, vulnerable people, AND teachers access to a vaccine. 

A large majority of Americans, including Hoosiers, are on board. A new Quinnipiac Poll released yesterday showed that 76-percent of Americans believe teachers should have priority to a COVID-19 vaccine. The Indiana Democratic Party has been consistently on record calling for Governor Holcomb to prioritize Indiana’s seniors, most vulnerable, AND educators for vaccinations all at the same time. 

Governor Holcomb’s failure to prioritize Indiana’s teachers for vaccinations reverberated a growing disrespect the governor has shown educators. The Governor announced his biennial budget earlier this year, which failed to provide any salary increase for public school teachers. It was a promise broken from last year when Governor Holcomb used his 2020 State of the State Address to promise a pay raise for Indiana’s public school teachers in 2021

The consistent inaction by Holcomb is exactly why Hoosiers have started to lose confidence in him and his ability to invest in the future of Indiana. Here’s the kind of news Hoosiers (and teachers) have been consuming over the last couple weeks: 

WSBT: Despite guidelines from the CDC, Indiana still not prioritizing teachers for vaccine

WBAA: Tippecanoe County Teachers Call On Gov. Holcomb Move Them Up On Vaccination Priority

WANE: Allen County teachers want to be prioritized for COVID vaccinations

IndyStar: Hamilton County teachers unions ask Holcomb to prioritize COVID-19 vaccine by next month

WCPO: Ohio, Kentucky have started vaccinating teachers, but educators aren’t in Indiana’s plan at all 

NWI Times: When will NWI teachers receive a COVID-19 vaccine? Educators, administrators hope sooner rather than later

WHAS: ’It seems like we aren’t being valued’ Indiana teachers call on Holcomb to allow vaccinations now

WNDU: Mishawaka superintendent unhappy with recent vaccine update

IndyStar: Other states are giving the COVID-19 vaccine to their teachers. Why isn’t Indiana? 

WAVE: Leader of Indiana’s teachers wants educators moved up on vaccination list

Chalkbeat: Indiana teachers frustrated over longer wait for COVID-19 vaccine

WISH: Indiana union worries teachers too far down in Indiana vaccination plan

14 News: IN teachers send Gov. Holcomb a letter asking for COVID-19 vaccination plan changes


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