Holcomb, INGOP Failing to Deliver Better Opportunities for Hoosier Workers


Indiana economist: “Welp, the data is in and Indiana lost 4,000 jobs in April, despite 53,000 workers coming off unemployment benefits. Maybe, and I’m just spitballing here, maybe the problem ain’t benefits.” 

Rodric Bray: “If you want to get people to work, you’re going to have to start paying them a little more.”

ICYMI: Indiana lost more ‘good’ jobs than it gained, study says

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized Governor Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Republican Party for failing to bring quality, high-paying jobs to Indiana’s workforce – and then forcing Hoosier workers to accept low-wage jobs and worse opportunities for their families. What’s worse: Indiana Republicans would rather abide by extreme partisanship on the issue of low wages than responsibly raise the state’s minimum wage — which would elevate 30-percent of the state’s workforce (892,000 Hoosiers) who currently earn a minimum wage. 

Even Indiana Senate Pro Tem Rodric Bray admitted late last week that wages would have to increase in order to get Hoosiers back to work.

“It’s disappointing for Governor Holcomb and the Indiana Republican Party to brag about the state’s so-called economic strength when many Hoosiers know the opportunities that are coming in are underselling their talents and skills,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director for the Indiana Democratic Party. “If Indiana is truly going to build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic, it means we must invest more in Hoosier workers. Let’s raise the minimum wage, strengthen our unions, and set up our families for future success. And note to Indiana Republicans: your extreme partisanship and misinformation about these common-sense solutions will not get the job done.” 

The receipts do not lie: under control from the Indiana Republican Party, Indiana’s wage growth ranked 46th in the nation. The statistic affirms a recent study that revealed so-called “good jobs” left Indiana under the Republicans’ watch. This economic reality created by the INGOP is why the Indiana Democratic Party calls on elected leaders to raise wages or risk having the state permanently fall behind the rest of the nation. The current status quo is not working so Democrats are ready to step up and deliver better opportunities for Hoosier families.

This effort will be tough, because as it stands, Indiana Republicans in federal and state offices simply refuse to look at facts and would rather abide by a form of partisanship that’s too extreme for Indiana. This includes Governor Holcomb comparing minimum-wage jobs to having a “minimum expectation” with their lives, U.S. Senator Braun and Todd Young deploying myths about small businesses (despite a majority of owners supporting an increase to the minimum wage), and Statehouse Republicans voting down the policy during the 2021 legislative session. 

The Republicans’ extreme partisanship on worker wages won’t stop Democrats from getting to work on providing economic opportunity for Hoosier families. Democrats at the statehouse repeatedly introduced minimum wage legislation last session, and leaders like Congressman André Carson and Frank Mrvan, Jr. support passing President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan because it would create good-paying jobs and strengthen union workers across the state. These common-sense solutions would help dig Indiana out of the wage hole it’s found itself under INGOP control. 


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