Holcomb Seeks to Continue Mike Pence’s Failed Record


WISH-TV: “Gregg takes command in second gubernatorial debate”

INDIANAPOLIS – The headline and tweets speak for themselves. “Quite proud” Eric Holcomb is seeking to continue Mike Pence’s failed policies that force Hoosiers to work more for less and allow discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers.

And John Gregg? According to some reporters, he “took command” and had a “strong” performance for the entire debate – highlighting his vision to improve wages for Hoosiers, enact statewide pre-K and repair Indiana’s bruised reputation.

WISH-TV: “Gregg takes command in second gubernatorial debate”

“The candidates for governor met in their second of three debates Monday night and Democrat John Gregg put in a strong performance.

He proved that he is a more experienced candidate than Republican Eric Holcomb who, nevertheless, stuck to his message in what was a very civil debate.”

IndyStar: “Tully: John Gregg was this debate’s clear winner”

“John Gregg was the clear winner in Monday night’s gubernatorial debate, and that victory wasn’t just about the clarity of his message or his command of the stage. What the debate did was suggest that Gregg has a better grasp of both how he wants to lead Indiana and of the issues facing it.”


Tweet by IndyStar columnist Matthew Tully

Tweet by WISH-TV reporter Jim Shella



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