Holcomb to announce at epicenter of public school funding war


Knightstown school corp. state funding down more than $1M in last decade

INDIANAPOLIS – Governor Eric Holcomb will step to the mic in Knightstown on Saturday in a school corporation that has been decimated by his party’s war on public education. State funding for CA Beard Memorial School Corporation has declined by more than $1,346,000 – a drop of more than 15 percent – between 2011 and 2019. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody noted the irony of Holcomb’s event location. 

“Holcomb will hawk his education credentials in in a school corporation that has lost the equivalent of 38 entry-level teachers as a result of funding cuts,” said Zody. “Knightstown is ground zero for Holcomb’s divisive education agenda that picks winners and losers. The numbers don’t lie: students at CA Beard Memorial schools are losing.”

Zero in on Holcomb’s time as governor and the numbers don’t get better. Holcomb has signed two budgets and both saw year-over-year decreases totaling nearly $375,000 for CA Beard Memorial schools. It’s enough to hire more than 10 entry-level teachers. How Holcomb intends to square the funding cuts is anyone’s guess.

“It’s going to be awkward when Holcomb starts singing about record school funding increases in a community suffering from cuts,” said Zody. “His announcement is literally next door to a closed school since converted into apartments. A closed school is about as perfect a metaphor for Holcomb’s divisive education agenda.”


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