Holcomb to announce in a preschool desert


INDIANAPOLIS – In his 2017 State of the State address, Governor Eric Holcomb said:

“our plans need to be comprehensive – beginning with an education system that gives every child a strong start…

Those plans do not include children in Henry County. According to FSSA, zero (0) On My Way preschool grants have been awarded to students in Henry County in 2019 – where Holcomb is set to announce his re-election on Saturday. In Knightstown, there are zero preschool providers that exceed two stars in the Paths to Quality early learning quality ranking system. The nearest provider with a Paths to Quality rating over two stars is a 20+ minute drive to New Castle. Competition for access to those providers is likely fierce as availability is limited and spread across children aged infant to 18. 

Knightstown and Henry County are a perfect example of the slow, limited and unequal distribution of high-quality, affordable early learning options in Indiana. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody wondered what it says about Holcomb’s priorities when children in the city he’s announcing his re-election from still don’t have a high-quality preschool option.

“Parents living in the community Holcomb is launching his re-election from have to drive out of the county to find an On My Way preschool for their children,” said Zody. “After three years of promising every child deserves a strong start, it sure just looks like Holcomb is making empty promises.”


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