Honeymoon over: Holcomb puts politics first, jeopardizes care for 400k Hoosiers


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody released the following statement after Governor Eric Holcomb signaled his support for Republicans’ controversial health care bill.

“Now we understand why Eric Holcomb was Mike Pence’s handpicked successor. They share a political ideology that puts politics ahead of Hoosiers’ well-being. It only took a few weeks but we now know where Eric Holcomb really stands: He would rather see hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers lose health care coverage than stand up to Republicans in Washington. Other Republican governors are using their position to negotiate to ensure their constituents remain covered. Holcomb buckled under the political pressure and working Hoosiers will pay the price. Hoosiers thought they were electing an independent-minded leader who would put Hoosiers first. Instead, they got a carbon copy of Mike Pence – someone who is willing to risk a healthy future for hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers instead of standing up for what’s right.”


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