Hoosier Democrats Denounce Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s Divisive Records


INDIANAPOLIS – This evening as Donald Trump brought his divisiveness to the Hoosier State, approximately 100 Democrats and allies stood on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis to make it clear that his offensive rhetoric is not welcome in Indiana. Further, Democrats called out unpopular Gov. Mike Pence for his desperate attempt to save his own career through his unwavering support of Trump.

LGBT activist JD Ford condemns Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s toxic campaign and records

“You know what this move tells me? It says Governor Pence knows his Washington, D.C. agenda has caught up with him,” said State Senator Jean Breaux, District 34. “He knows only 40% of Hoosiers like him, and believe me – he’s well aware his reelection campaign is on thin ice and on the brink of sinking.

“Donald Trump wants to bring Mike Pence’s anti-LGBT record to a national scale, and it scares me,”said JD Ford, LGBT activist. “A Donald Trump/Mike Pence ticket is not good for our country. We will be going backwards instead of forwards.”

“Hoosiers deserve a better governor and a president who won’t spew divisive rhetoric that would divide our nation,” added John Aguilera, Former State Representative – District 12. “We deserve better than Mike Pence and Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump has proven himself to be a loose cannon whose hateful language – like his racist attacks against Judge Gonzalo Curiel, a Hoosier – and dangerous policies would do serious harm to working families and put America’s security at risk. Trump joined Gov. Mike Pence, whose term has been fraught with embarrassing failures, including his support of discriminatory and divisive legislation like RFRA.

Simply put, Hoosiers are fed up with both Mike Pence and Donald Trump, and they certainly don’t want either dividing our state any longer.


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