Hoosier Democrats Join President Biden in Standing With Israel –  Against Terrorism, Antisemitism, and Hate


INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Democratic Party stands with Israel and the Biden administration against terrorism, antisemitism, and hateful rhetoric and actions around the world. The Party released the following statement in response to President Biden’s trip to Israel.

“The Indiana Democratic Party stands unwaveringly with Israel in her time of need, and supports its fundamental right to defend itself against the terrorism of Hamas. President Biden’s trip to Israel shows his solidarity and commitment to the Israeli people and the security of the region. The pure horror of the massacre in Israel is unimaginable — as shown in the sobering images of civilians, including women and children, being slaughtered in cold blood by Hamas terrorists. Our hearts are with the Jewish community in Indiana and everywhere, and all the families affected in their time of grief,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. 

“Indiana Democrats share the commitment to America’s deep bond with Israel. President Biden is making sure Israel has everything it needs to defend its people and keep stability and security in the region. This includes military assistance and intelligence support to free hostages held by Hamas — who are using innocent civilians as human shields. The administration is also working to ensure humanitarian aid can reach innocent Palestinian civilians, including the women and children who need immediate relief and safety.”

“We are deeply concerned about the rise of antisemitic hate across the globe — including in our state. We must protect our neighbors against the recent rise in reported threats to the FBI against Jewish Americans. Just days after the most brutal massacre of Jewish civilians since the Holocaust, we must all recommit to ending antisemitism and supporting the Jewish community. Hate should have no place in our society — in any form. Our message to Indiana’s Jewish community is that we stand in solidarity with you and your families during these challenging times.”


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