Hoosier Dems announce record Statehouse candidate recruitment numbers


More first-time, millennial, and women candidates than previous off-year cycle

INDIANAPOLIS – Reflecting a surge in grassroots enthusiasm, the Indiana House and Senate Democratic campaign committees announced record off-year candidate recruitment numbers after Friday’s noon filing deadline. In both Democratic General Assembly legislative caucuses, more total candidates are filed today than at this point in 2016 and 2014, and both caucuses have more millennial, first-time, and women candidates than the last off-year cycle (2014). Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody wasn’t surprised by the spike in candidates.

“A construction worker. A vocational and tech educator. Working moms. Our candidates are real people who live the issues facing Hoosier families every day,” said Zody. “It’s energizing to see Hoosiers who reflect their communities stepping up to run. They’re sick and tired of politics as usual and are ready to roll up their sleeves and make a difference. Hoosier Democrats fight for the future, for working families and for fairness. Our 2018 Statehouse candidate class embodies those principles.”

Tuesday’s announcement comes after a year of efforts by the Indiana Democratic Party to channel grassroots energy into action. In 2017, the Party held more than two dozen trainings and events across the state and trained 1,500 new volunteers. More than 300 Hoosier Democrats took part in a pair of candidate trainings in late December and January. Zody confirmed Hoosier Democrats intend to rely on grassroots organizing and a common sense economic message in 2018.

“The cost of living keeps rising and Hoosiers’ incomes aren’t keeping up,” said Zody. “Yet Statehouse Republicans can’t or won’t tackle kitchen table issues like paid leave or making child care more affordable. They can, however, make time for special interests and backroom deals. Nearly a decade in total control has Republicans looking entitled and arrogant. That’s why, across our state, in rural and urban areas and everywhere between, our candidates are going to fight to bring common sense back to the Indiana Statehouse.”

Both caucuses intend to contest every seat in 2018 and will fill any ballot vacancies via caucuses prior to the June deadline. The Indiana Democratic Party looks forward to re-electing incumbent members.

2018 State Senate and House of Representatives candidate recruitment by the numbers

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