Hoosier Dems petition Holcomb to call Election Commission meeting


Pressure mounts as IN only 1 of 7 states requiring excuse to vote by mail

INDIANAPOLIS – On Friday, nine Hoosier Democrats – one from each Congressional district – signed onto a letter petitioning Governor Holcomb to request a meeting of the Indiana Election Commission. Under Indiana Code, nine voters can petition the governor to request a Commission hearing if the Chair has failed to schedule a meeting. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody joined the signatories in demanding action.

“Eric Holcomb shouldn’t be taking his cues from Donald Trump’s Twitter feed,” said Zody. “Hoosier voters need clarity and county election officials need time to prepare. If the Commission is going to drag their feet on meeting, Holcomb needs to light a fire under them. The virus is spreading. Hoosier voters shouldn’t have to choose between their vote and their health.”

Earlier today, the nonpartisan Indiana Vote By Mail organization announced they had also gathered the signatures to petition the governor, in accordance with IC 3-6-4.1-12. Virus numbers are jumping. Indiana recorded its second-highest single day new case number on Thursday. With Indiana one of only seven states not expanding vote by mail thus far, Zody believed the pressure was mounting on Holcomb to act.

“Holcomb can’t close his eyes and pretend this virus will be gone by Election Day,” said Zody. “He’s got to face reality and put public health before politics. He can either act now, or wait until the numbers get worse. I hope he’ll decide to do the right thing.”


The courtesy copy letter sent to the Governor can be viewed here.

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