Hoosiers call on Congressman Messer to push for anti-outsourcing policies outside his Shelbyville office


SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – Hoosiers concerned about keeping good-paying jobs in America called on Congressman Messer to support policies to address outsourcing in a protest outside his Shelbyville office today.

Even as Hoosiers across the state have clamored for action on outsourcing in the wake of moves by Carrier and Rexnord, Congressman Messer’s movements on trade and outsourcing issues have been sorely lacking. Despite leading the Task Force for the American Worker, Congressman Messer has squandered it, rarely ever convening it during his time as Chairman. He has a history of supporting rigged free trade policies and has said he even wants to pass a trade deal with China. He supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and he voted to fast-track the proposal, which limited Congress’ constitutionally-mandated oversight over the deal.

Congressman Messer could become a voice for Indiana workers instead of a system of rigged trade deals by following the example of his state’s senior Senator. But while Joe Donnelly has worked hard and reached across the aisle to address outsourcing, Congressman Messer has failed to follow his lead. He’s refused to support Joe’s End Outsourcing Act, crucial legislation that would support American workers and keep jobs at home. It would penalize corporations who ship jobs overseas by making it harder for them to get taxpayer-funded government contracts and reward businesses that bring jobs back to America.

Congressman Messer has also been silent on whether he’ll help Joe’s amendment on outsourcing that passed the Senate get through the House. The Senate last week included in its budget an amendment Joe authored calling on congress to eliminate tax breaks for companies who outsource. The House is likely to take up the Senate’s budget later this week, but it’s unclear if Joe’s amendment will remain in the House version. Congressman Messer has yet to raise a finger to ensure its inclusion.

“Congressman Messer claims he stands with Hoosier workers, but time and again he’s failed to take action when he had the chance to help keep jobs in Indiana,” said Bob Roberts, a Shelbyville resident. “With a real opportunity to make sure the budget makes clear that companies who outsource shouldn’t be rewarded with tax breaks, he’s stayed on the sidelines. There are people in Congress like Joe Donnelly who are taking real steps to stop outsourcing and keep jobs here at home, and Congressman Messer isn’t one of them.”


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