Hoosiers Find out Tennessee Trey is Just an Empty Suit Trying to Buy IN-09


INDIANAPOLIS – Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after the conclusion of the Indiana Ninth District debate.

“What Hoosiers saw was Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth, an empty suit millionaire who would only continue with the status quo ideological gridlock we see in Washington today. Not only did he admit to dodging property tax payments, but Tennessee Trey refused to release his tax returns and stuck to empty Washington talking points that fail to address the issues most important to Indiana’s Ninth District. Hoosiers deserve to actually have a leader who represents them, not someone who wants to buy his way to Congress so he can continue voting to serve the interests of millionaires like himself. Tonight, Hoosiers found out Tennessee Trey was just an empty suit and not an actual Hoosier.”


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