Hoosiers Share their #MyJobsStory & Demolish Mike Pence’s “Peak” Economy


INDIANAPOLIS – Governor Mike Pence and Republicans have tried to paint Indiana’s economy as an “economic triumph.” In response, the Indiana Democratic Party this month launched the #MyJobsStory social media campaign asking Hoosiers to share their stories with Governor Pence about how his rosy view of Indiana’s economy doesn’t match up with the truth in the pocketbooks of Hoosiers.

And the reaction? Hoosiers on Twitter and Facebook are telling their stories about stagnant or low wages and doing all they can just to make ends meet. With per capita incomes falling under this governor’s watch and Indiana’s economic growth ranking last in the Midwest, Hoosiers believe Mike Pence just isn’t getting the job done as their governor. Below are a handful of responses the IDP has received over the past few weeks.


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