Hoosiers Were “Critical”, “Pressed” INGOP as Sham Redistricting Tour Concludes in Indianapolis


CNHI: Hoosiers critical of redistricting process

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Lawmakers pressed for fair redistricting

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated Hoosier voters once more for rightfully calling out the Indiana Republican Party for their attempt to hold a so-called “redistricting tour”, a ploy which turned out to be nothing but a “hollow” public relations stunt. Despite Governor Eric Holcomb’s claim to make it a “fair” process yesterday, the Republicans’ gerrymandering tour was just a box to check, because receipts show the INGOP have no intention to make the upcoming redistricting process fair. This includes reports revealing Indiana Republicans hired a Washington, D.C. GOP consultant to help draw the new legislative and Congressional maps in the Hoosier State. 

The Indiana Republican Party wants to rig the system against Hoosier voters for another ten years, and State Representative Tim Wesco’s hollow excuse for the INGOP hiring a D.C. GOP consultant proved it. Indiana Republicans are happy the current maps are 95% more biased than the rest of the nation, and it’s why they crammed in their “gerrymandering tour” during a time when most Hoosiers were checked out of the process altogether. Moreover, Republicans will draw the lines with new census data behind closed doors and with no public accountability or transparency.

Indiana Democrats will continue to call out the Indiana Republican Party throughout the entire redistricting process, because everything must be done to put an end to the GOP’s “work more for less” economy and the unnecessary culture wars that have crippled Indiana. It’s time to create a better future for Hoosier families, not abide by extreme partisanship. 

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Lawmakers pressed for fair redistricting

A downright rowdy crowd of hundreds pressed lawmakers for fair, compact, non-political legislative and congressional maps as the last in a series of special redistricting hearings wrapped up Wednesday.” […]

“Gandhi and dozens of others asked that lawmakers provide at least a week of time to analyze any proposed maps and that they host a second round of statewide hearings for testimony on actual proposals.

But neither is going to happen.” […]

Wesco and members of both elections committees heard a lot of frustration Wednesday over maps that have led to a Republican supermajority in both chambers and a lack of competition at the ballot.” […]

There was a lot of anger and distrust over House Republicans already hiring a national GOP redistricting attorney as a consultant. Jason Torchinsky has been involved in multiple legal battles, defending Republican maps and opposing independent redistricting commissions.”

CNHI: Hoosiers critical of redistricting process

Nearly each of the 50 people attending was critical of the public hearing process and called on Republican lawmakers in charge for more hearings after publishing maps of proposed district boundaries and to create competitive districts.” […]

Those speaking to lawmakers included first-time voters comparing Indiana’s Republican supermajority to one-party state rule in China, moms concerned about low voter engagement, veterans who said their elected representation didn’t bother responding to their letters and recent graduates warning of political apathy among their peers.

All tied their identified issues to Indiana’s gerrymandered maps, which they say creates the Republican supermajority in both Statehouse chambers by guaranteeing safe districts.” […]

Indiana Public Media: Hoosiers Call For Fair, Transparent, Competitive Legislative Districts At Statehouse Hearing

Indianapolis Business Journal: “Jack Wanninger, of Indianapolis, said he voted for the first time in the last election. As a Democrat, he said he knew it was “delusional” to ask lawmakers to draw every district competitively, but he said the Statehouse, where the Republicans hold supermajorities in the House and Senate, should not be composed of “that many members in a single party.

‘I don’t think 78% of people in Indiana are voting for Republicans,’ Wanninger said.” […]

“Speakers also called out the House Republicans for hiring Jason Torchinsky, a national GOP redistricting attorney, for legal services. Julia Vaughn, policy director for watchdog group Common Cause Indiana, said Torchinsky does not prioritize fair redistricting. He and his law firm have been known for defending GOP-drawn maps in legal battles and opposing independent redistricting commissions, she said.

‘Putting Jason Torchinsky in charge of ensuring Indiana follows the Voting Rights Act is like naming a person convicted of arson as the fire marshal,’ Vaughn said.

The Daily Journal: Hoosiers ask for transparent redistricting process at statehouse forum

IndyStar: “Lawmakers have taken public testimony on what Hoosiers want to see in the new maps  while awaiting the release of census data, but they don’t have to follow that advice.”

WIBC: Nearly all who testified were advocates of redistricting reform, and most were openly cynical about the process, cheering witnesses who predict a Republican gerrymander, and complaining that the hearings are taking place before there are any maps to look at.


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