How Democrats Deliver for Indiana’s Small Town and Rural Communities


Indiana is a state made up of small towns across all 92 counties, and its public schools and farmers are the heartbeat of these rural communities. Hoosiers are proud of the state’s public schools and the contributions its agriculture community brings to both the state and national economies. This very fact is why Indiana Democrats have been long-standing partners and champions for some of the top issues facing families in these areas — such as broadband internet service, fully-funding classrooms, and a revitalized infrastructure system to help these communities thrive.

Indiana Democrats have delivered for public schools, Indiana’s ag community, and for Hoosier families – regardless of the Zip code. Here’s a look at how Democrats continue to create a better future for all of Indiana.

Democrats have delivered $250 million of guaranteed funding for broadband internet expansion opportunities across Indiana through the American Rescue Plan. By adding another $100 million from President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, Democrats will deliver the kind of internet investment that’ll help our farmers and families be set up for long-term success.

Because of Indiana Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, the state’s public schools, educators, and our children now have a brighter future. Here are the receipts:

For the first time in over a decade, Indiana’s public schools received the full and total funding that’s needed to help our children succeed. After years of hearing lip service from Indiana Republicans, Democrats delivered a pay raise to educators for their work in the classrooms. And, school systems across Indiana received much-needed aid to keep our children, educators, and communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of this is thanks to the American Rescue Plan. Democrats have delivered for our public schools, giving every single community the opportunity of a better future.

President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is set to help revitalize Indiana’s childcare system by eliminating provider deserts across the state. More than 55-percent of Hoosiers live in a childcare desert, and the state needs more than $518 million to start solving this problem for Hoosier families. 

Luckily, the American Rescue Plan has already begun solving this problem. Thanks to Democrats, Hoosiers are seeing more than $540 million being used to deliver pay raises for workers and update facilities for our children. Democrats got this done while every Republican in Indiana’s Congressional delegation said “NO”.

Indiana farmers and the state’s broader ag community is a pillar of the state’s economic and cultural identity to many Hoosiers who call this place home. Indiana Democrats celebrate farmers and have worked tirelessly to deliver a better future for their way of life and families. 

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, more than $100 million is being used to help streamline food supply chains farmers rely on to help feed and provide for communities across Indiana and the nation. 

Democrats haven’t stopped there, because more must be done to build better opportunities for Indiana farmers. Here’s what Democrats have delivered since the start of the Biden-Harris administration: 

  1. Equipped Indiana with $250 million to expand access to broadband internet across the state,
  2. Invested $146 million in sustainable agricultural research projects which will improve a robust, resilient, climate-smart food and agricultural system,
  3. Provided close to $10 billion for farmers who may need disaster relief from weather events due to climate change, 
  4. Committed $500 million to help protect pork farmers and stop the African Swine Fever (ASF) in its tracks, and 
  5. Announced the American Jobs Plan – part of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda – would create a better infrastructure system for farmers to transport their crops and livestock across Indiana. 

A large majority of Americans – including Hoosiers – are on board with President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan and overall Build Back Better agenda. Why? Because through a revitalized infrastructure system and the relief package to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Hoosiers will see a better future created for their families. 

However, Indiana Republicans continue to be the Party of “NO” and would rather use misinformation, conspiracy theories, and their extreme partisanship to delay this better future for Indiana. 

The Indiana Democratic Party is asking you to fight back and be ready for the misinformation and lies the INGOP will throw your way. Here are the lies you can expect:

LIE: Democrats are spending way too much in Washington, D.C. and it’ll harm our children’s future. 

TRUTH: Indiana Republicans had no problem spending $2 trillion for a tax cut for big corporations and America’s richest. They also added $7.8 trillion to the national debt under Donald Trump. President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is already paid for and won’t add a dime to the debt

LIE: Hoosier families will see a tax increase thanks to President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

TRUTH: According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, a large majority of Hoosier families will see a tax decrease under the Democrats’ Build Back Better agenda.  

LIE: Democrats are looking to pass and shove a socialist agenda onto Hoosier families. 

TRUTH: Broadband internet. Repairs to roads and bridges. Childcare. Livable wage jobs. Fully-funded public schools. There’s nothing “socialist” about these programs that Hoosiers in rural communities use and rely on every day. 

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