Hypocrisy Alert: INGOP Rush to Criticize Biden on Afghanistan Despite Supporting Donald Trump Negotiating with Taliban, Announcing Exit from Middle East


Many Indiana Republicans in the state’s Congressional delegation supported the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan or said nothing at all when Donald Trump was in Oval Office

ICYMI: Republican Sen. Braun Says It’s Time to Leave Afghanistan

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized the Indiana Republican Party for their hypocritical partisanship on Afghanistan and the United States’ war in the Middle East. Republicans like U.S. Senator Mike Braun and Members of Congress like Jim Banks, Greg Pence, Victoria Spartz, and Jackie Walorski sprinted to their social media accounts to criticize President Joe Biden over the country’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the heart-wrenching scenes unfolding in the Middle East. However, the Republicans’ attacks have no merit, because many of them previously either praised the nation’s decision to withdraw troops from the Middle East when Donald Trump was president, or, they said nothing at all. In fact, Donald Trump also praised Joe Biden’s decision to fully withdraw from Afghanistan last April

It’s worth noting: the national Republican Party scrubbed its website where they praised Donald Trump’s “leadership” in negotiating with the Taliban, a terrorist organization. 

The facts: President Biden inherited a deal Donald Trump negotiated with the Taliban, which left the terrorist organization in the strongest position militarily since 2001 and before the imposed May 1, 2021 deadline on U.S. Armed Forces. The deal was struck after the United States successfully defeated the forces that attacked the nation on September 11, 2001. This successful mission included the death of Osama bin Laden and degradation of al Qaeda more than a decade ago. President Biden refused to allow another U.S. President to carry the burden four presidents from both political parties – including himself – held since the beginning of this war on terror by permanently ending the United States’ presence in Afghanistan. 

Here are the receipts showing how opportunistic and tone deaf the Indiana Republican Party’s criticisms of the fall out in Afghanistan: 

U.S. Senator Mike Braun

November 20, 2020: “The conflict in Afghanistan has carried on for nearly 20 years with no end in sight because of the business-as-usual D.C. thinking President @realDonaldTrump was elected to end. It’s time to bring our troops back home.”

April 15, 2021: Republican Sen. Braun Says It’s Time to Leave Afghanistan

NOW: “When you look at all the blood and treasure we’ve lost and leaving all the equipment for the Taliban, there’s going to be a big political price to pay.”

U.S. Congressman Jim Banks (IN-03)

July 10, 2020: “Banks, who supports Trump’s ending of the war in Afghanistan, said that many of the Republicans said that Trump was elected to end America’s “endless wars,” which includes Afghanistan and Iraq.” 

NOW: “NO WAY this would have happened on President Trump’s watch!” 

U.S. Congressman Larry Bucshon (IN-08)

Before Weekend: No comment.

NOW: “Is it surprising that Pres. Biden is smothered in domestic and foreign policy disasters? No! They are of his and the Dems own doing. Inflation, border crisis, crime, cancel culture and a failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. These are the tip of the iceberg. Tried to tell you!”

U.S. Congressman Greg Pence (IN-06)

Before Weekend: No comment.

NOW: “It is extremely difficult to watch the completely preventable scenes that are currently unfolding in Afghanistan. I call on @POTUS to address the nation, and give the American people the reassurance they need right now. This is not a time for absence from the negotiating table.”

U.S. Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (IN-05)

Before Weekend: No comment.

NOW: ““Is there a comparison between the U.S. withdrawal in Kabul and the flight from Saigon in 1975? “None whatsoever. Zero,” Mr. Biden said.” Seems like a lot of similarities. Unfortunate failure of leadership from @POTUS again. “This is President Biden’s Saigon moment” @SteveScalise”

U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (IN-02)

Before Weekend: No comment.

NOW: “While President Biden is MIA, Americans have watched in horror as the Taliban gained control of Kabul and U.S. citizens & our Afghan allies were left behind enemy lines. This withdrawal is a disaster for our national security and for the human rights of women & girls.”


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