Hypocrisy Alert: Jennifer-Ruth Green Touts Steel Industry Despite Calling Frank Mrvan’s Steel Investments “Failed Economic Policies”


Jennifer-Ruth Green: “I will strive to protect the interests of our local steelworkers who are the backbone of the steel industry.”

Green on Frank Mrvan’s support for The Jobs Act, PRO Act, PLAs, and Biden’s Indiana steel-first agenda: “failed economic policies” 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized Jennifer-Ruth Green for trying to have it both ways on Indiana’s Steel Industry. Green touted her support for the industry last weekend, however, she described (repeatedly) Frank Mrvan’s record as “failed economic policies”. Further, Green has refused to clarify whether she supports project labor agreements (PLAs) and the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act

Jennifer-Ruth Green has also failed to specify whether she supports President Joe Biden’s requirement to have American steel take priority for all projects associated with The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (The Jobs Act). It’s time Green goes on the record about a kitchen-table issue most important to Hoosiers in Northwest Indiana. 

Green’s attempt to have it both ways with the steel industry is another reminder the Indiana GOP has no plans for the state’s future – just national partisanship. 

In contrast, Frank Mrvan is a strong champion for organized labor. Mrvan is the Co-Chair of the Congressional Steel Caucus and supported the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act, both laws that delivered union jobs across Indiana – especially Northwest Indiana. The Congressman also worked with the President to secure a sustained future for Indiana’s steel industry and voted “YES” on the PRO-Act. Mrvan has delivered for Hoosier workers, and he’s created a brighter future for families across his district. 

As for Jennifer-Ruth Green and the Indiana GOP: no plans – just partisanship. 

SHOT: Jennifer-Ruth Green Touts Support for Indiana’s Steel Industry

Jennifer-Ruth Green:My recent flight time included prayer over U.S. Steel Gary Works. I prayed for and am very grateful for the many workers who provide over 25% of total U.S. steel. I will strive to protect the interests of our local steelworkers who are the backbone of the steel industry.”

CHASER: Green Describes Investments in Indiana’s Steel Industry as “Failed Economic Policies”

Jennifer-Ruth Green: “Frank Mrvan has rubber-stamped the failed economic, energy, immigration and public safety policies of (President Joe) Biden and (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi that have led to soaring inflation, crushing gas prices, a border crisis and skyrocketing crime rates.” 


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