I-69 section 5 is complete…is a statement that is still not true


Troubled project now under state control, still missing deadlines

INDIANAPOLIS – Already two years behind schedule, August 31 marks another blown deadline for Section 5 of the I-69 project. While missed deadlines are nothing new, the delay this time comes under the management of Governor Eric Holcomb, whose administration led a state takeover of the project.

FROM WISH-TV 8 Bloomington: INDOT will miss Aug. 31 target for I-69 Section 5

“The city of Bloomington says the state will miss its Aug. 31 target for substantially completing Section 5 of the Interstate 69 extension from Indianapolis to Evansville.

“The state set the Aug. 31 target after taking control of the project from a private developer last year. Section 5 has been plagued by delays since work started in 2014. It was originally scheduled for an October 2016 completion.”

Without a bankrupt multinational corporation to scapegoat, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody believed another project deadline missed boils down to good old fashioned Republican incompetence.

“This isn’t a day or even a week overrun, it’s two years behind schedule and counting,” said Zody. “Any taxpayer would have lost their job months ago had they failed to deliver on time, let alone years late. And it’s no different under Governor Holcomb, who doesn’t seem to mind another blown deadline. It might just be a talking point to him, but lost time stuck in traffic has cost commuters and businesses real money.”



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