ICYMI: Across Indiana, Hoosiers Carry Message that Congressman Young is Harmful for Students, Seniors, Workers


INDIANAPOLIS – This week, the Indiana Democratic Party continued the Congressman Young “Harmful for Hoosiers” tour, stopping in Fort Wayne and Bloomington to shed light on Todd Young’s policies and votes that put Hoosier seniors, students, and workers at risk.

On Wednesday in Fort Wayne, Mayor Tom Henry, a local UAW worker and seniors all contrasted Evan Bayh’s bipartisan work to protect Hoosiers with  Congressman Todd Young’s record that risks seniors’ retirement savings, pushes misguided trade deals, and prioritizes his special interests over Hoosier workers.


21 Alive:

Journal Gazette:

“‘You know Evan Bayh, I know Evan Bayh,’ Henry told the audience. ‘He has stood up over the years for students, for seniors, for union workers and has fought to help Medicare and all of the programs that we as Hoosiers deserve.’”

“LeTourneau said that when Bayh voted in 2009 in favor of the government’s bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, he helped save 4,000 jobs at the local GM plant and 96,000 jobs at its suppliers in northeast Indiana. ‘What Evan Bayh did is what any good politician should do: put your stake in the American worker, not the Chinese economy, not the Mexican economy,’ LeTourneau said.”

“Henry praised Bayh for working with former Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., to obtain federal funding to finance much of the construction of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge over the St. Marys River.”

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In Bloomington on Thursday, IDP Chairman John Zody, Mayor John Hamilton, and Indiana University student Kegan Ferguson criticized Congressman Young’s votes to slash funding for Pell Grants and double student loan interest rates—out-of-touch plans that would severely increase the cost of college and weigh Hoosier students down with debt.

Herald Times:

“Young or old, every Hoosier has something to lose if U.S. Rep. Todd Young takes his agenda to the U.S. Senate, local Democrats said Thursday.”

“‘There are always excuses for budget choices, but when we have the future of our country depending upon higher education, it seems to me a clear signal of misguided values to vote to chop, at the knees, the financial support that lets so many young people achieve their goals, pursue their skills, enhance their skills and join the facilities or start new companies,’ Hamilton said.”

“‘The whole range of Hoosier families just want a fair deal,’ the mayor said. ‘To get that fair deal, we need college Pell Grants and financial aid that is affordable; we need jobs and job support; and we need decent senior support; and all three of those things, Congressman Young has shown a willingness to throw overboard to support some interest in Washington.’”

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