ICYMI: Conservative columnist needles Holcomb over Bosma inaction


INDIANAPOLIS – First-term Governor Eric Holcomb is the de facto leader of the Indiana Republican Party and its most powerful member. But Holcomb stepped back last week when pressed over whether he believed embattled Speaker Brian Bosma, a key Holcomb ally, should face an investigation. If you thought Holcomb’s decision looked political and weak, you’re not alone.

From the Indy Star Swarens: Step up and lead, Gov. Holcomb, on Bosma allegations

“And Eric Holcomb’s response when asked to take action on the scandal amounts to, “Don’t look at me. I’m only the governor.”

“Well, governor, that’s not good enough.

“But there are times when leaders, in doing the right thing, need to insist on drama. When a key leader in state government is accused of serious ethical wrong-doing, it’s one of those times.

“What’s the truth? We don’t know.

“Which is why an independent investigation is necessary.

“Holcomb could have called on state legislators to authorize an outside investigation. He could have used the moral authority of his office and his role as de facto leader of the Indiana Republican Party to demand a House Ethics Committee investigation. He could have sent a clear message that such allegations warrant a serious response.

“Instead, the governor weakly said that he’s waiting for a formal complaint to be filed before he’ll take a stand. If such a complaint isn’t forthcoming, Holcomb and other state leaders will presumably move forward acting as if this entire episode was never a part of the public conversation.

“You’re better than that, Gov. Holcomb.

“Step up. Send a message. Set a standard.”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody echoed Swarens’ dissatisfaction with Holcomb’s lack of leadership and head-scratching decision to pass on calling for an investigation.

“We learn about the character of our leaders when they are tested with a decision that demands a politically difficult, but ultimately moral action,” said Zody. “When tested, Holcomb stepped back. The governor needs to look past the opinion polling and politics-as-usual, and do the right thing, even if it costs political capital. Hoosiers deserve that type of leadership.”


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