ICYMI: Eric Holcomb Calls for Teacher Pay Raise (Again), INGOP Prioritizes Another Culture War


Fox59 (2022): Gov. Holcomb calls for teacher pay increase

Holcomb has made promises to address teacher pay in 2019, 2020, and 2021 but INGOP prioritized bullying children and an extremist agenda instead

Coming in 2023: Another unnecessary culture war in the classrooms (so-called “Don’t Say Gay” legislation)

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out Governor Eric Holcomb for providing educators this perennial line to educators: he wants them to have a pay raise. 

The problem: Governor Holcomb has often promised to act on teacher pay, and every year, Indiana Republicans put their extremist agenda before fixing the state’s education system.

Just last year, Holcomb and statehouse Republicans omitted any provision for a pay raise from the biennial budget. The move ignored the Holcomb Administration’s taxpayer-funded recommendations and demands by educators in November 2019. In contrast, GOP lawmakers prioritized bullying children and extreme curriculums over providing teachers a pay raise. And had the American Rescue Plan not become law, Republicans would have allocated a third of the state’s 2021 education budget to an unregulated voucher system. 

Indiana has a C-rated education system and historic teacher shortage, and it’s because state Republicans put special interests and their extreme agenda before our children’s future. And what’s in store for 2023: another unnecessary culture war in the classrooms

Here’s a track record of Republicans’ broken promises on teacher pay:

2018: Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb proposes pumping brakes on teacher pay, cutting performance bonuses

2020: Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb says again wait a year on teacher pay boost

2020: Holcomb to review teacher pay report, stops short of making a commitment to raise salaries

2021: “While Holcomb is calling for modest increases in the state’s K-12 spending, his proposal does not include anything specifically related to teacher pay.


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