ICYMI: Evan Bayh Blasts Congressman Young’s Record of Putting Corporate Interests Before Hoosier Workers


INDIANAPOLIS – During Sunday morning’s interview with WTHR, Evan Bayh spoke to his record of fighting for Hoosier jobs and businesses, while blasting Congressman Young’s record of putting corporate interests before Hoosier workers.

Bayh criticized Congressman Todd Young for voting repeatedly to protect tax breaks for corporations like Carrier that ship jobs overseas. Congressman Young has even accepted campaign cash from Carrier after the company announced layoffs for 1,400 Hoosiers due to outsourcing.

Bayh also blasted Congressman Young for voting against and being “philosophically opposed” to the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program, which helps Hoosiers get back on their feet when their jobs are shipped overseas—including those at Carrier.


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