ICYMI: Finkam’s Abysmal Debate Performance is the Latest Anchor Added to Her Sinking Campaign


INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been months since the Hamilton County Moms For Liberty chapter put Carmel in the national news for all the wrong reasons by using a quote from Adolf Hitler on the cover of their newsletter. As if that wasn’t enough, now they’re attacking Carmel schools’ upcoming operating referendum extension, which if it doesn’t pass will result in 1 in 5 teachers losing their jobs.

After all the embarrassing headlines, Sue Finkam still doesn’t get it. 

At this week’s debate, Democratic candidate Miles Nelson directly asked Sue once again to join him in condemning Moms For Liberty. She stood silently and said nothing. 

“This week’s debate again showed that there is only one candidate who can keep Carmel moving forward on the path of success: Miles Nelson,” said Indiana Democratic Party Spokesperson Sam Barloga. “Miles knows it’s the people and businesses of Carmel who make it one of the best places to live in the entire country. He knows how important it is to stand up for Carmel’s schools, parents and kids against groups that seek to divide and promote hate like Moms For Liberty.” 

“Miles is right; Sue refuses to condemn this extreme group because she knows she cannot win the election without the support of Moms for Liberty. It’s shameful that Sue continues to put politics ahead of what’s best for the community.”

Here’s a look at the coverage that Sue’s silence on hate generated this week:

Indy Star 10.2.23: “Nelson, though, then asked her on stage to join him in condemning the organization itself. Finkam didn’t respond, which drew groans from the audience.”

IBJ 10.3.23: “Nelson asked Finkam at Monday’s debate to join him in denouncing Moms for Liberty. She declined, drawing a negative reaction from some in the crowd. 

‘I think what we need to realize is that my opponent feels that she needs the support of Moms for Liberty to win this election,’ Nelson said.”

Importantville 10.3.23: “And then Nelson gutted her.

‘What I’d like to do is ask my opponent right now to join me tonight, in front of all of you, and denounce Moms for Liberty once and for all,’ Nelson said. ‘Would you do that, and join me, Sue?’

Finkam stood there blankly, as she did most of the debate, scouring her briefing binder, looking for something—anything—to say, as the crowd gasped and guffawed in the awkward and tense interregnum.”

Axios 10.3.23: “Nelson hitched his candidacy closely to Brainard’s record — perhaps even more closely than Finkam — assuring voters he would follow in the footsteps of the pro-growth, pro-development mayor.”


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