ICYMI: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Bayh best for Indiana, Senate


INDIANAPOLIS – Today, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette endorsed Evan Bayh for U.S. Senate. Here are some highlights:

– “A consensus-builder in a majority-Republican state, Bayh has a pragmatic approach to problem-solving.”

– “Bayh also had clear, sensible plans for economic development, including denying tax deductions for companies to move operations out of the country, as Carrier in Indianapolis and United Technologies Electronic Controls in Huntington are planning to do.”

– “Asked what he would most like to do if his party wins control of the Senate, Bayh said, ‘Make college more affordable for working-class families.’”

–“What would happen, Bayh asks, to the hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers who have been covered by HIP 2.0, a state program started by Republican Gov. Mike Pence that’s underwritten by federal funds to expand Medicaid coverage? Would more seniors on Medicare – many of them on fixed incomes – be staring into the ‘doughnut hole’ in prescription drug coverage? And, he asks, would people with pre-existing conditions again be denied coverage?”

Read the full endorsement here.


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