ICYMI: Frank Mrvan, Tom McDermott, Labor Leaders Tout INDems’ “Indiana First” Agenda for Workers, Northwest Indiana


Frank Mrvan: “What I know about Lake, Porter and LaPorte (counties) is we believe in our own … We believe in working men and women…Vote your pocketbook!”

Gary Post-Tribune: Area Dems tout effects of jobs act to fix local infrastructure

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated how Democrats like U.S. Congressman Frank Mrvan have delivered a better future for Hoosier workers, organized labor, and Northwest Indiana. Mrvan joined Mayor Tom McDermott, State Senator Eddie Melton, Gary Mayor Jerome Prince, and Labor Leaders last Friday to tout how –  thanks to President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (The Jobs Act) – Indiana Democrats are executing an “Indiana First” strategy that includes infrastructure projects and sustained union work.

Indiana’s steel industry is the number one priority thanks to The Jobs Act. Hoosier workers and organized labor have been made priority thanks to Frank Mrvan and the Biden Administration. And thanks to the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act, Northwest Indiana’s roads and bridges are being repaired, sewer and water systems are being revitalized, and broadband is being expanded. Frank Mrvan, Tom McDermott, and Indiana Democrats are delivering this better future for Hoosier families. 

In contrast, the Indiana Republican Party said “NO” to this “Indiana First” strategy. Politicians like U.S. Senator Todd Young voted “NO” on The Jobs Act – but is now instructing staff to take credit for the law behind the scenes. In fact, Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer called these infrastructure projects “socialism” and claimed their opposition to jobs was a “great campaign to run on”. Throughout 2022 (and beyond), Indiana Democrats will highlight how the Indiana GOP has no plan for the state’s future – just partisanship. 

Key points from last Friday’s press event: 

NWI Times: Democrats say they’ve delivered for Region workers, communities

Northwest Indiana Democratic leaders aren’t waiting for Tuesday’s primary election to begin rolling out the message they believe will propel them to victory at the federal, state and local level in the Nov. 8 general election.

Standing near a soaring bridge that connects Interstate 80/94 to Cline Avenue — a bridge set to be rehabilitated using federal funds provided by the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — top Democrats proclaimed Friday they’ve delivered needed jobs and overdue infrastructure improvements for everyone in the Region.

“I am fighting and advocating for you each and every day in Washington, D.C.,” U.S. Rep. Frank J. Mrvan, D-Highland, said to a gathering of some 50 members of the Laborers, Steelworkers and other local unions.

“And don’t think it’s easy. Don’t think there aren’t interests that are fighting against you, who don’t want to see you be a priority but major corporations, the top 1%. That’s why we’re here. That’s what makes a difference.”

Records show Mrvan and U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, D-Indianapolis, were the only Hoosier members of Congress to vote in favor of the Jobs Act and the American Rescue Plan that together are providing more than $10 billion to improve Indiana’s roads, bridges, schools, water pipes, rail service, public transit, and health care services.

Mrvan said that money means more union jobs in Northwest Indiana, more Region-made steel going into roads and bridges across the country, improved public health outcomes, and a better quality of life for everyone.

“What I know about Lake, Porter and LaPorte (counties) is we believe in our own … We believe in working men and women,” Mrvan said. “You are going to be inundated by outsiders trying to divide us and trying to create cultural wars. Vote your pocketbook!

“Vote for people who are interested in making it a priority that we fund projects in Northwest Indiana that provide jobs.”

Gary Post-Tribune: Area Dems tout effects of jobs act to fix local infrastructure

Standing in an empty lot in Hammond, political leaders from the county, state and federal level highlighted the benefits of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act with the Cline Avenue bridge over the Borman Expressway in the background. […]

“Decades of declining public investment has left our roads, bridges and rail systems in poor condition, with a trillion-dollar backlog of needed repairs,” Frye said.

The jobs act “will revitalize Indiana’s infrastructure from Valparaiso to New Albany from Evansville to Fort Wayne,” Frye said. The act has “created good-paying jobs, strengthened our workforce and delivered the opportunities Hoosiers want for their families.”

In Indiana, $6.6 billion from the jobs act will be used “to transform our states transportation infrastructure,” including $400 million for bridge replacement and repairs and $751 million for water infrastructure, Frye said.

McDermott said that of 11 Indiana members of Congress, only two voted for the jobs act. Sen. Todd Young voted against the act instead of voting to “bring some stuff back home so we can build our state.”

Young initially helped work on the jobs act and then voted against it, Schmuhl said.

“That’s not really doing your job,” Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl said. “If you do just 80% of your job … you’d be fired.”

Currently, there are 1,111 bridges and more than 5,478 miles of highway in poor condition in Indiana, Frye said.

Mrvan said he voted for the jobs act to replace bridges, improve roads and to replace pipes for clean water. But, Mrvan said he also fought for a buy American provision to ensure that steel and other materials needed to complete the projects included in the jobs act are made in America.

“When we talk Democrat and Republican, that doesn’t matter,” Mrvan said. “Anyone can put on a sweater and give a good speech. I’m fighting for you.”


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