ICYMI: Hoosiers Support Candidates that Support Public Education


Superintendent Ritz leads survey with 45-percent support over challenger

INDIANAPOLIS – In case you missed it, last week’s Ball State/WISH-TV Hoosier Survey reaffirmed Hoosiers are simply fed up with how the Pence-Holcomb Administration’s political agenda has impacted our education system.

In fact, more than 45-percent of Hoosiers support the re-election of Glenda Ritz as Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Ritz has advocated for statewide Pre-K for our children and to do away with troublesome programs like ISTEP, which forces teaching to the test and not to our students. This beats someone like Jennifer McCormick who is an exact clone of Tony Bennett and the failed policies of the past.

“Glenda Ritz has proven to Hoosiers that since she took office, students and our schools were the only priorities on her agenda,” said John Zody, Chairman. “Glenda Ritz has stood up against the political special interests of the Mike Pence-Eric Holcomb Administration. She is ready for education champions like John Gregg to join her in making sure statewide Pre-K becomes a reality and we do away with ISTEP once and for all.”

Ritz joins pro-education Democrats like John Gregg and Evan Bayh who are also leading their respective races in the Hoosier Survey. Hoosiers families know that when it comes to protecting their kids’ education, it’s best to elect Democrats who will keep the Washington, D.C. political agendas away from the classrooms.


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