ICYMI: INGOP Sinks Public Discussion on Redistricting, INDems Ready for This Crucial Debate


NPR: Indiana House Republicans Block Debate On Redistricting Reform

INDems plan for statewide campaign on redistricting and a conversation to give voters power to frame discussion, not GOP elected officials

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized the Indiana Republican supermajority in the General Assembly for stalling the required redistricting process until the summer and when many Hoosiers will be tuned out of the overall process. This strategy by the INGOP is a partisan attempt to disenfranchise voters and give Republicans the opportunity to choose their voters, not the other way around. Indiana ranked last in the Midwest and in bottom ten nationally in turnout for the 2020 election cycle. A partisan redistricting process would continue this alarming trend. 

Further, it’s becoming quite clear Indiana Republicans are trying to remove any sort of accountability from an agenda that was partisan and simply failed the state. This includes the GOP’s inability to deliver good-paying jobs with benefits and protections for workers, secure the quality healthcare access for Hoosiers without breaking the bank, and build a state education system that respects our teachers and provides better opportunities for our students. 

This very fact is why the Indiana Democratic Party is ready for this debate, because it’s a conversation where Democrats and Hoosiers win. Democrats agree with University of Indianapolis Professor Laura Wilson who said it’s up to voters to demand fair legislative maps, and it’s why the Party plans to hit the road later this year to have this conversation with voters in big cities, small towns, and suburban neighborhoods across Indiana. 

NPR: Indiana House Republicans Block Debate On Redistricting Reform

“Indiana House Republicans refused to debate a redistricting reform proposal Thursday, using legislative procedure to block an amendment from House Democrats.

Democrats have long pushed for an independent commission to draw the state’s legislative district lines. House Republicans used to support that too, until the last few years.”

Fox59: “Indiana Republican legislative leaders are refusing to debate redistricting reform.” […]

“House Speaker Todd Huston wouldn’t explain the Republican position when asked, he said, ‘We will follow all state and federal guidelines and feel confident that will be all of the statutory and legal requirements on redistricting.’” […]

“That’s why [Assistant Political Science Professor Laura Wilson] said it’s up to the public to demand competitive map drawing, adding Hoosiers should want this for several reasons.”

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